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As an Occupational Therapist owned business, ErgoZone, Inc. specializes in On-Site Functional and Ergonomic Solutions for Office and Industry. President and owner, Lori Irvin, is a State of Michigan Registered and Licensed Occupational Therapist and a Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialist.

ErgoZone, Inc. coaches and trains employees regarding proper posture, so that they can avoid injury while working on the job.  

Our work is done first in a classroom setting; then it is followed up with 1:1, on-the-floor employee training.  Working with them at their work stations ensures proper ergonomic technique carry-over into work application.  Our personalized services have been successful in reducing potential work injuries for over 10 years now. Each Ergonomic Training seminar is specific to your particular industry and office setting. Contact us today to learn more and schedule services so your employees can start working within the "ErgoZone."

Keep your employees happy and healthy with sustainable ergonomic choices
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Lori Irvin: OTrL, CEAS

Occupational Therapist Licensed
cERTIFIED Ergonomic Assessment Specialist

Lori Irvin specializes in working with office settings and the manufacturing industry.  She is proud to have worked with many industries, including, but not limited to; box manufacturing, bookbinding, pick and pack distributors, nursing facilities, paper mills, SEAT MFG., airline baggage handling, office settings, college dining halls, and U of M Research Labs. Become proactive instead of reactive by forming an employee ergonomic committee today with our help.


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