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Ergonomic Assessments

The ergonomic consultants at ErgoZone, Inc. provide a wide range of services, including an on-site evaluation of workers while on the job. We identify risk factors and instruct employees in proper body mechanics while performing work tasks. With our help, you can encourage performing tasks within the "ErgoZone."

Office Setting

Job Coaching

We provide individualized, on-the-job coaching regarding the proper use of the body to reduce bodily stress. Our team takes pride in teaching proper physical and psychological strategies to employees and supervisors to ensure successful outcomes and injury prevention.  

Job Analysis

We analyze the intricacies involved in a specific job and determine the essential versus non-essential functions of that job. Our professionals identify risk factors and work with employees and management to reduce or eliminate these risks.

On-Site Training Seminars

  • Back Training Seminar
    This seminar shows the how and why of proper lifting, including the anatomy and physics of the back while performing on-the-job tasks. 
  • Upper Extremity Seminar
    Those attending this seminar will learn the proper use of the upper extremity including the shoulder, hand, and elbow. We look at the mechanics and anatomy of the shoulder and the importance of working within your "ErgoZone." 
  • Train-the-Trainer Seminar
    In this seminar, we provide instruction for all supervisors and committee members regarding ergonomics, lifting, and posture while performing work tasks.
  • Customized Training Videos
    We can produce a Job-Specific ergonomic video at your facility. This tailor-made video will train employees on proper body mechanics which helps avoid ergonomic related injuries. Fill in any training gaps with a customized training video today!